Contact & FAQ

Is there a deadline for submissions?

No, submissions are open yearlong. However, keep in mind that we publish semiannually. If you would like to be considered for publication during a certain time of year, please send your submission at least two months prior to the publication date. We aim to publish during the winter and summer months. 

When will I be notified if my pieces were accepted?

This depends on the number of submissions we receive, and during what time of the year you submit. If you do not receive any notification after two months, please send us an email at asking about the status of your submissions.

Will I receive payment if my submissions are published?

No; unfortunately, Credo Espoir does not receive the funding necessary to pay its published authors and artists.

If my submissions were rejected during one publication round, can I submit them again?

Yes, you may resubmit a revised version of your submission. However, please title this submission Category_RevisedSubmissionName in your submission form.

Are autobiographical materials required?

A 50-100 word bio about yourself is required for publication at the end of each edition of Credo Espoir if your piece is selected. We also accept additional autobiographical content about yourself, but this is optional. However, it is highly recommended. Please take a look at the submit tab for more information on the format of this submission.

Does including an optional autobiographical submission affect my chances of having my pieces included in Credo Espoir?

No, the inclusion or exclusion of an optional autobiographical submission does not affect your chances of being published. All writing and art pieces are reviewed first. Once we judge that a submission will be published, only then do we send you an email asking if you have any optional autobiography pieces. 

Will you accept non-digital submissions?

No, all submissions must be sent through our online submission form.