Before submitting your work, please carefully read through the general, categorical, and autobiographical guidelines. Any submitted material that does not follow the guidelines will not be considered for publication. The portal to our submission form is located at the bottom of this page.

General Guidelines

  1. All submissions must be sent through our online submission form below. Only one form per person is allowed per issue.
  2. You may submit a maximum of five pieces (writing, visual art, and/or other) during each submission round. Each piece should be included as a separate attachment.
  3. Each submission attachment should be titled Category_SubmissionName  (Example: Poetry_BestPoemEver; Photography_Rocks).
  4. Ensure your name does not appear on your submission attachments, as they will be judged by a blind jury.
  5. Anthology and Archival Rights are requested. This means you permit Credo Espoir to publish your work in its magazine and archive it on this website.
  6. If you have any questions before submitting, please leave us a comment in the contact section or send us an email at
  7. All submissions will be evaluated based on artistic merit. Please keep in mind that the purpose of the magazine revolves around human experience, hope, understanding, connection, belief, etc. (see our mission). We do not accept hate speech or overtly sexually explicit material.
  8. After all initial submissions are reviewed, we will send out an email detailing if your piece(s) were accepted or not. 

Writing and Art


  • Maximum of 100 lines


  • Short Stories  (3000 words max)
  • Novel Excerpts (3000 words max)
  • Research/Educational Papers (full or excerpt) (3000 words max)
  • Op-ed article (500-1500 words)
  • Scripts/Screenplays
    • Must be in professional play format. Look online for guidelines.
    • Max: 5-7 pages

Writing submissions must be attached as a .doc or .docx file and must use English as the primary language

Visual Art:

  • 2D (photography, painting, drawing, etc)
  • Digital art
  • 3D art (photographs of sculptures, textiles, etc.)

Art pieces must be be submitted as a .jpg or .png file.


We also encourage you to submit work in other types of artistic forms, such as musical compositions or self-made videos. These will not be included in the magazine itself, but can appear on our social media page and/or YouTube if accepted. Please upload these to a personal YouTube channel and include the link in your submission form under “short descriptions”.

Autobiographical Material

We require a 50-100 word short bio about yourself to be included at the end of the magazine if your submission is selected for publication. Please include a “belief statement” at the end of your bio. Take a look at the staff page for examples.

Submit your works below!