Credo Espoir is, in the name itself, a token to intellectual change, evolution, and improvement. Founded by a group of passionate teens, Credo Espoir is an independent non-profit literature and art magazine dedicated to revealing the beliefs of people around the world through writing and art. Our purpose is to connect today’s fractured peoples through pure emotion and give us all an outlet where we can appreciate each other’s talents rather than harshly judge others because of their views. We are wholly committed to revealing author’s stories as well, and present the hardships and triumphs of authors and artists in an effort to further heal the world of hate. If you believe strongly in something, submit to Credo Espoir.

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Issue III, January 2019


A mountain is truly one of the most beautiful feats of nature, with its serene majesty masking the harsh environment. They provide a sense of protection yet can pose a challenge to overcome. They can be climbed one cliff at a time till the peak is reached, and then the beauty of the entire world lies below for miles on end. We hope that as you turn the pages of this magazine you can experience this beauty of this mountain we call Credo Espoir. 

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Submissions for our fourth issue close on June 1st! If you wish for your story to be included, please submit your work and we will review it. We expect to publish this issue in June.



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