Credo (Latin) = I believe

Espoir (French) = Hope

Credo Espoir is, in the name itself, a token to intellectual change, evolution, and improvement. Credo Espoir is an independent non-profit literature and art magazine dedicated to revealing the beliefs of people around the world through writing and art. We publish stories about the human experience, about the simple beauties and the intense emotions of life. 

While Credo Espoir is no longer accepting submissions and releasing new issues, we invite you to learn more about us and read our past publications.

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Issue VII, January 2021

The seventh issue of Credo Espoir features poetry, prose, and visual art from Fabrice Poussin, John Grey, Cheryl Caesar, Gary Beck, John C. Mannone, Don Edward Walicek, Alan Cohen, Aldo Quagliotti, Lorraine Caputo, Carl Palmer, Linda Imbler, and Charles Haddox.

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Starting from the release of our third issue, contributors are offered the option to publish on the Credo Espoir blog. In the past, they have written about the inspiration for their work, something they strongly believe in, or simply a true story about themselves.

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